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Chef A-Ji dimsum restaurant


From 2017/5/26, the restaurant will be moved to second floor at Jyun En Japanese restaurant. Under the leadership of the famous chef Zheng Yanji (Master A-Ji), a team of excellent chefs presents you Hong Kong dishes and representative Chinese delicacies. The idea is to present exquisite cuisines with affordable price in Taipei City.

Hong Kong Dim Sum: Small NT$90, Medium NT$118, Large NT$138, Special NT$160. Chinese dishes a la carte: Starting from NT$120. Tea fare: NT$40 per guest.The tea house is inside Arcadia Café located on the first floor.

Hours and Prices:
  • Lunch……………11:30 – 14:30/ Last order 14:00
  • Dinner……….......17:30 – 21:30/ Last order 21:00
  • 1.If you bring self-prepared liquor, wine, or juice with you and want to drink it in our restaurant, an additional service fee will be charged. Red/White wine, Juice: NT$300 per bottle. Liquor: NT$500 per bottle. One hour free parking for dining expense of NT$1.000. Maximum free parking hour: 4.
  • 2.Last Order: 30 minutes prior to the end of service hours.
  • 3.All the above prices are subject to changes without prior notice. Please refer to the on-site announcement.
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