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The layout of the grand and elegant Banquet Hall is intact while is also adjustable for various events. Whether it’s a Chinese banquet, western-style party, business conference, celebration event, birthday party or wedding, the Banquet Hall is your best choice. Best Choice of WeddingThe sumptuous chandelier, capacious venue, professional service, and exquisite delicacy all contribute to your wonderful Chinese wedding banquet. The maximum number of Chinese round table: 50. Exclusive Banquet Service:With our five-star culinary skill, Chinese and Western delicacies and excellent services are here to amaze you. Your banquet here will always be a wonderful and rounded event. Professional MeetingThe layout can be designed for meeting, training course, press conference…etc. according to the needs of our guests. Well equipped with projectors, the Internet, Audio/Visual facilities, among others. Provides a venue where efficient discussion can take place.

  • 1.Chinese banquet and wedding banquet:Minimum required number of table: 30. Maximum number of tables: 50.
  • 2.If you bring self-prepared liquor, wine, or juice with you and want to drink it in our restaurant, an additional service fee will be charged. Red/White wine, Juice: NT$300 per bottle. Liquor: NT$500 per bottle.
  • 3.One hour free parking for dining expense of NT$1.000.
  • 4.When the number of tables is fewer than the minimum required number, the host should still pay the full amount of the minimum required number. When the number is bigger than the required number, the amount of the actual number of tables should be paid.
  • 5.The above rates do not include wine and other drinks, and are subjects to 10% service charge. Change of price will not provide prior notice. Please refer to the on-site announcement.
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