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Fullon Hotel Taipei, Central
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Jyun En


The ample and bright open kitchen is where you can see our chef cooking fresh seafood and making Japanese cuisine.

The four VIP Rooms are named as “Pine”, “Bamboo”, “Sakura”, and “Chrysanthemum”, from which you can admire the best skills of the chef. The elegant but grand interior design of the VIP Rooms makes them the best place for business gathering.

Hours and Prices:
  • Lunch…………….………11:30 – 14:30/ Last order 14:00
  • Dinner………..….……..17:30 – 21:30/ Last order 21:00

       *Special lunch set for NT$580+10%/ each 
       * Seasonal set meal for NT$1500+10%/ each
       * Customized banquet-style set meal for NT$12800+10%.      Please contact us for more details 



  • 1.If you bring self-prepared liquor, wine, or juice with you and want to drink it in our restaurant, an additional service fee will be charged. Red/White wine, Juice: NT$500 per bottle. Liquor: NT$1,000 per bottle. One hour free parking for dining expense of NT$1.000. Maximum free parking hour: 4.
  • 2.Last Order: 30 minutes prior to the end of service hours.
  • 3.All the above prices are subject to changes without prior notice. Please refer to the on-site announcement.
Booking Hotline

(02)2701-9266 ext#323。