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lih spa


Hours: 12:00pm-22:00pm

*Reservations are required to ensure the
availability and quality of service.

Here at lih spa, you are surrounded by
relaxing lighting, soft music, and pleasant
aromas. lih spa service is developed from
the theories and wisdoms of Chinese five
elements, meridian massage, and Indian 7
chakras energy boosting origin. The
comforting and self-healing spa programs
include stress-reliefing, body care, slim
care, facial care programs which restore
your physical and mental balance.

We care about the deepest need of your
mind and body as “the skin reflects body
conditions; the body expresses the mind.”
Take a deep breath and be fully relaxed in
the tranquil space filled with pure natural
aromas in the bustling city.

You can enjoy the rare “Golden Beauty
Spring” at lih spa without leaving far away
from the city.

The spring can vitalize cells and promote
blood circulation, relax the body and mind
while enhancing the health. (The supply of
hot spring may be affected by seasonal or
natural reasons, and may be replaced by
clean spring when is not available.)

NT$1400/30 mins
NT$2800/60 mins
NT$3800/90 mins
NT$5000/120 mins

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